Pawel Pachniewski


Projects associated with my ventures and ones I created or significantly contributed to in other roles.

RoomDeco (AI XP LAB, founder)

RoomDeco allows you to transform and generate interiors with AI in seconds. It features granular control: room, style, theme, color, material selection and more.


AI Therapy (Simuhuman, founder)

An online therapy website that allows you to have 24/7 therapy in almost any therapy style with AI-powered therapists.

>> Coming Soon


Neebota (Frying Jelly, founder)

The franchise and fictional world that is Zeebo’s home, the protagonist from 99 Fails by Frying Jelly.

>> Neebota

99 Fails (Frying Jelly, founder)

99 Fails is a whacky and impossible precision platformer in Zeebo’s surreal nightmare.

>> 99 Fails on Steam

RingRacer (Frying Jelly, founder)

RingRaceR is a sci-fi racing game with combat and stunting, which some consider a bit of a spiritual successor to inspired by the old SNES classic UniRacer(UniRally in the EU)

>> RingRaceR on steam

Symeste (Studio Vector, CTO)

Building Management simulator – AI-powered educational game with commercial counterpart. Grant: POIR.01.01.01-00-0269/18.

>> Symeste

AIBS (Studio Vector, CTO)

AI-powered building management panel which I developed from idea, vision to execution, and co-wrote grants (product & technical parts). Grant POIR.01.01.01-00-2440/203.



Mobile action-puzzle game (Android & iOS) that I created as an indie dev. Got into the top 10 of several countries, including the Netherlands, downloaded over 140K times.

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