Pawel Pachniewski


Mental Salvo (imaginini, founder)

Mental Salvo is an art game adventure where you can explode your head and do so many other things, they’re impossible to list. It will tickle your brain in various ways. You can spend hours walking and interacting and keep stumbling upon new things. Follow your curiosity.

>> Mental Salvo on Steam

RoomDeco (AI XP LAB, founder)

RoomDeco allows you to transform and generate interiors with AI in seconds. It features granular control: room, style, theme, color, material selection and more.


AI Therapy (Simuhuman, Founder)

An online therapy website that allows you to have 24/7 therapy in almost any therapy style with AI-powered therapists. Currently in alpha testing.

>> Coming Soon


Neebota (Frying Jelly, founder)

The franchise and fictional world that is Zeebo’s home, the protagonist from 99 Fails by Frying Jelly.

>> Neebota

Neebota: Zeebo’s Nightmare (Frying Jelly, founder)

In the first big game in the Neebota series, Zeebo embarks on a grand adventure to get to the bottom of what’s causing disturbances in his mind. A dungeon-crawling action RPG set in a surreal nightmare with class-swapping morphs in an entirely original fantasy world with fantastical monsters and mind-bending levels.

>> Neebota: Zeebo’s Nightmare on Steam

99 Fails (Frying Jelly, founder)

Tight platforming with different mechanics and PVP multiplayer in Zeebo’s surreal nightmare to music by David Wise! 99 Fails is all about maintaining focus while the game throws bizarre monsters and visions at you.

>> 99 Fails on Steam

RingRacer (Figmenthol, founder)

RingRaceR is a sci-fi racing game with combat and stunting, which some consider a bit of a spiritual successor to inspired by the old SNES classic UniRacer(UniRally in the EU). Production is halted.

>> RingRaceR on steam

Symeste (Studio Vector, CTO)

Building Management simulator – AI-powered educational game with commercial counterpart. Grant: POIR.01.01.01-00-0269/18.

>> Symeste

AIBS (Studio Vector, CTO)

AI-powered building management panel for which I developed the vision, and co-wrote grants (product & AI parts). Grant POIR.01.01.01-00-2440/203.



Mobile action-puzzle game (Android & iOS) that I created as an indie dev. Got into the top 10 of several countries, including the Netherlands and Canada. Downloaded over 150K times.

>> Offline