Pawel Pachniewski


Simuhuman (Founder, 2023-)

Simuhuman trains and deploys AI to simulate humans in roles where there is more demand than supply.

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AI XP LAB (Founder, 2023-)

AI Experiment Lab that develops AI apps aimed at empowering people creatively in various niches.


Frying Jelly (Founder, 2021-)

Where brains in vats are fried to make AI-driven games with rich worlds.

>> Frying Jelly


Schemetics (Founder, 2014-)

Schemetics blueprints the future of intelligence with AI.

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imaginini (Founder, 2023-)

Artsy and not-so-artsy experiments with games.

>> imaginini

Animal Cognition

Animal Cognition (Co-founder, 2015-)

Web publication that reports on the mental capacities of animals through articles and interdisciplinary analyses of cognitive science, ethology, and animal psychology.

>> Animal Cognition

Opera Vivrà

Opera Vivrà (Founder, 2011-)

Opera media company and online magazine dedicated to igniting & feeding the passion for opera singers of the past and present.

>> Opera Vivrà

Love My Brand (Founder, 2007-2011)

A social shopping website and app that aimed to connect people and brands.

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