Pawel Pachniewski


I’m an entrepreneur and engineer focused on AI and games. I’ve built projects and teams from the ground up, both as a founder and as a CTO. I approach projects holistically, from architecture, technical vision & execution, product, to branding and marketing. I love it when everything just fits and then plays like a symphony.

A burning desire to solve the deepest mysteries and problems that any civilization faces on the eve of radical self-modification is what fuels my mission to enhance, explore and extend existence. As a technological and theoretical Jackie-Chan-of-all-Trades, I really like building bridges between levels of analysis as well as the theoretical and practical. I love going from big picture theoretical stuff to being down in the trenches, rolling up my sleeves to execute. Research and innovation are my passions.

Throughout life I have always had an unerasable need to pour out emotion, ideas and concepts – to let them thrive in whatever manifestations naturally suit them. Creating interactive experiences and games chief among them.